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FKHIA took part in an all female production in 2019, that told the story of two survivors in a post-apocaliptic world. The play was performed at the Bristol Old Vic and Weston Super Mare, and got brilliant reviews.

She was the sound designer for the project.

More about Theatre West:

Everyone is Dead: Bio


Dan Martin on lifedystrict

...As we hear voices and footsteps above which adds to the tension, Kelly grows increasingly more freaked out as she worries about what has happened to her dad, while Ashley seems much more able to cope with the predicament and hits back with sarcasm and humour.

Mike Whitton on Stagetalk Magazine


Chiara Tedeschi’s sound design, featuring muffled footsteps and half-heard voices, does much to create a sense of menace, and Jenny Roxburgh’s lighting is suitably sepulchral.

Audience feedback on Post its 

  • Riveting. Great script and actors. Powerful!

  • Well done! Epic performances. Dark but somehow funny too

  • Real and terrifying

  • I wanted to know more!

  • Insane! Really felt like I was there

  • Superb! Intense and great energy from both performers! Held the stage even in the silences

Everyone is Dead: Imprint
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